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Flanders Auctions in 'Het Hoogste Bod'
Flanders Auctions starring in national TV show 'Het Hoogste Bod'
Flanders Auctions team
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A Glimpse Of Our Catalogue
An exeptional pair of pillar finials, or pillar caps. Sculptured blue stone. 19th C. (D:60 x W:60 x H:75 cm)
A Glimpse Of Our Catalogue
Elisabeth VANDEWEGHE (1946) 'Large Bowl' blue and blackĀ glazed ceramics, for Perignem. (H:16,5 x D:40 cm)
A Glimpse Of Our Catalogue
A pair of 'Boulle' cabinets, tortoiseshell inlay with brass. Napoleon 3, 19th C. (D:38 x W:82 x H:102 cm)
A Glimpse Of Our Catalogue
Rogier VANDEWEGHE (1923-2020) 'Vase' matte blue glaze, for Amphora. (H:25 x D:21 cm)

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