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Our Team | Flanders Auctions

The story behind Flanders Auctions

Flanders Auctions is a privately & family owned international auction house for antiques, design and fine arts. The story of Flanders Auctions goes back to the 90's, when Pol Desmet started buying his first pieces at local art fairs, market places and antique shops. A few years later, he furnished his car garage and transformed the small space into an antique shop. In November 1999, together with his partner Hilde, they rented a 10,000 square stockroom near Bruges, Belgium and started selling internationally to customers all over the world. This included The United States of America, The People's Republic of China and Australia. 

In December 2006, Antiques Belgium (the name of the company back then) opened its headquarters and warehouse in Wingene. A brand new and strategic location with excellent accessibility to the E40 highway, making it possible for pickup trucks to navigate and move easily on the property.

In 2010, Lieven Desmet joined the family business, followed by the youngest of the two sons Steven back in 2016.

2018. The family opened its first antique shop outside of Belgium. The American version of Antiques Belgium was born with a showroom in Round Top, Texas-USA. 

2020. Antiques Belgium switches its name to Flanders Auctions. The antique shop transforms into an international auction house for antiques, design and fine arts. Flanders Auctions was born. Marlies & Franky join the family business.

2021 marks the first anniversary of Flanders Auctions with 5 auctions held in 1 year and selling to customers worldwide. Flanders Auctions' aim is to become a destination for both buyers, sellers and international collectors of antiques, design and fine arts. 

Our team

Pol Desmet | Flanders Auctions
Pol Desmet

Managing partner, auctioneer

Hilde Marchand | Flanders Auctions
Hilde Marchand

Managing partner

Franky De Scheemaecker | Flanders Auctions
Franky De Scheemaecker

Client Liaison

Lieven Desmet | Flanders Auctions
Lieven Desmet

Consignment, sales

Steven Desmet | Flanders Auctions
Steven Desmet

Communications, branding, marketing

Marlies Mulkers | Flanders Auctions
Marlies Mulkers


Timjan De Schoolmeester | Flanders Auctions
Timjan De Schoolmeester

Videographer, Content Creator

Broes Compernolle | Flanders Auctions
Broes Compernolle

SEO, Digital Marketeer

Noël Maddens | Flanders Auctions
Noël Maddens

Auction Team

Jonas De Soete
Jonas De Soete

Auction Team

Rita Marchand
Rita Marchand

Auction Team

Claude Pauwels
Claude Pauwels

Auction Team

Laure Vanroose
Laure Vanroose

Auction Team

Filip Slabbinck
Filip Slabbinck

Auction Team


Head of Happiness

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Our Expert's Choice
A set of Black Lithurgical Robes, Roman Chasubles, Stola, Manisple and Chalice Veils. 
Our Expert's Choice
Wouter HOSTE (1965) 'Travellers' black metal glazed ceramics. 2011

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