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Flanders Auctions in 'Het Hoogste Bod'

The world of auctions. For some, it's a mystery. For others, it's a game. 'Het Hoogste Bod' (literally translated: 'The Highest Bid') offers an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse into the world of auctions and the excitement of buying at an auction house. It's a fascinating world, not known by many. Always busy, always different, and certainly never dull.

Flanders Auctions is starring in this TV show on Belgian national television. Expect to see the process of selling a 17th Century silver chalice, a kneehole desk and many more. Have a look at the trailer here.

The 1725 Ypres Chalice, sold € 10.400,00

An 18th century antique robe warmer

A kneehole desk, inlaid with tortoise shell and ebony wood.

A collection of 22 crystal 'uranium glasses'

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Pia MANU (XX) 'Wall sculpture'
Alfred VERWEE (1838-1895) 'Brabant Horse' (W:110 x H:95 cm)
Gabriel ARGY-ROUSSEAU (1885-1963) 'Lions'
Door BOEREWAARD (1893-1972) 'Marine at dusk'

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