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Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)

Karel and Koen. Two brothers. Born and raised in Bruges, Belgium. "Koen wasn't a normal guy. Extremely energetic. If you were in the same room as Koen, you immediately felt his energy", said Karel Scherpereel, his brother: "My brother was extremely talented in different ways. Always searching for the deeper meaning of different things and experimenting with all sorts of stuff, both in the positive and negative way: extreme and adventurous travelling, alcohol, drugs, relationships". An epicurean pur-sang. The impact of his experimental way of living had its impact on his body. It weakened his body, but yet he remained his energetic self. 

Koen Scherpereel studied at the School of Arts Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium and received different awards through his career. His first public appearance as an artist was in the city center of Bruges, Belgium, at 't Leerhuys (literally translated into the "House of Learning") in 1983. Nowadays, Koen is admired and highly appreciated by a group of collectors and art-lovers and he deserves to be counted among the most prominent painters of our time. 

His style is characterized as a mixture of graffity-art, expressionism and surrealism

Koen Scherpereel (1961-1997)
Koen Scherpereel, a study
Koen Scherpereel, Merry go round


Name Koen Scherpereel
Born 1961, Brugge (Belgium)
Nationality Belgian
Died 1997, Brugge (Belgium)
Age 36
Style Expressionism, surrealism, graffiti-art
Education School of Arts Sint-Lucas

Past lots

Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) a woodcut print of a man. Indian ink on paper, 1987. (24 x 24,5 cm)
Sold: € 100 (total price)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) self portrait, etching 3/6, march 1984
Sold: € 313 (total price)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) 'De Ontknoping', pencil on paper, 1984.
Sold: € 313 (total price)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) a study, pencil on paper.
Sold: € 106 (total price)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) a study, watercolor on paper. 1994.
Sold: € 250 (total price)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) Clown lithograph, framed. Epreuve Artiste.
Sold: € 200 (total price)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) 'Mother and child' Watercolor and pencil on paper. 1986. (60 x 60 cm)
Sold: € 375 (total price)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997)
Koen SCHERPEREEL (1961-1997) Self Portrait, watercolor on paper, 1981.
Sold: € 500 (total price)

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